Take Action

Here are 3 small things you can do TODAY to create a better world:

1. Make sure your voter registration is up to date - you can register or update at http://www.rockthevote.org. If you are already registered or you can't register to vote, forward the information about voter registration to 10 friends who can.

2. Get the contact information for your US Senators and Congressional Representative, State Senate and Assembly Members and put those numbers in your speed dial! Click to find contact info for Senators Feinstein & Boxer, US Representatives, California Senate and California Assembly.

3. Contact your elected representatives on a regular basis about the issues that matter to you. Make regular (even daily) calls, drop by the office, write letters, send flowers, invite friends to join you for office visits, attend town halls & public events, send emails, get creative and build relationships with your elected officials based on the issues that matter most to you & your loved ones!