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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - Mission Critical Issue

According to the American Red Cross, the ongoing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is causing widespread concern about the impact on the region’s economy, wildlife, homes and shore line. Many states and communities are beginning to mobilize volunteer and government resources.

Map of the Spill (care of Google):
More Information & Coast Guard Updates:

Volunteer organizations are ramping up preparations for what is predicted to be a very active and dangerous hurricane season, especially along the Gulf Coast where the oil spill could cause people to evacuate for an even longer period.


Greenpeace Recommends the Following Organizations if you are interested in helping with the environmental impact of the Gulf Oil Spill

(full text click here).

Remember if you can't get to the Gulf, you can make a small (or large) donation to help with the recovery.

The National Audubon Society, which is helping connect volunteers with the best government or non-profit agency doing work related to the oil spill response.

If it were my home, I would want everyone's attention focused on cleaning up this terrible disaster and making sure something like this never happens again.

What if it were your home?

This is what the Oil Spill map would look like if it hit my home. What would it look like if it hit yours? Click here to find out: