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Support John Laird for CA Senate District 15 - August 17th Special Election


We need your help to seize a golden opportunity to pick up the California State Senate seat vacated by Abel Maldonado when he was confirmed as Lt. Governor, leaving us only one seat away from a 2/3 Democratic majority in the State Senate.

Democrat and former Assemblymember John Laird needs your help to Get Out The Vote.

California's Senate District 15 includes parts or all of five counties: Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and San Benito. Click here for your local office.

BUT... we need volunteers all over California to help us Get Out the Vote! If Mr. Laird is victorious, we are only one seat away from a 2/3 Democratic majority in the State Senate! Which we all know would curtail California's current budget shenanigans and allow California legislators to focus on the difficult task of saving our state from financial ruin. So that's why WE NEED EVERY CALIFORNIAN who has lost their job, been furloughed, lost their home or their health insurance as a result of California's "fiscal crisis" to rise up together and fight back.

In this race, John Laird is facing attacks from his opponent, Sam Blakeslee, a Republican Assemblymember who sponsored failed legislation to lift the ban on off-shore drilling along the California coast. Before being elected to the California State Assembly, Blakeslee was a geophysicist for Exxon in the Borehole Drilling division. His campaign is mostly funded by oil companies and their employees.

A Statement from John Laird

I am running for State Senate because our state is in crisis. Our schools have slipped to 47th in the nation in per pupil funding and our state parks are being shuttered. The legislative gridlock over the budget has paralyzed our state government and become a national embarrassment. The people of California have lost confidence in our government - and our state - and rightfully so.

As an educator, former Mayor, Community College Trustee and Assembly Member, I have seen first-hand how this gridlock has impacted Californians. Budget cuts are crippling local governments, schools and our economy are in trouble. I'll fight to change Sacramento by working to end gridlock and sticking to my principles.

I have my views and principles - and I'll fight hard for them - but I know Sacramento must work in a bipartisan way to get anything done. One of my proudest accomplishments during my time in the Assembly was earning the respect and friendship of many players who normally agree on nothing.

We need more state officials willing to do what is right to get things done. I have the experience, ideas and motivation to change the way Sacramento does business.